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CMC Rescue Steel Locking D Carabiners

CMC 鋼製鉤環/D型環(72kN)

CMC Rescue Steel Locking D Carabiners
UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - General Use
Designed to be the ultimate, general purpose rescue carabiner, the CMC Rescue Steel Locking D's combine CMC's experience in rescue with Omega Pacific's manufacturing expertise. Our auto-locking steel carabiner provides the safety of a 3-stage auto-locking gate that can be easily opened with one hand. Using an auto-locking carabiner decreases the possibility that the user will forget to lock the gate or that the gate will vibrate unlocked if kept in the right position. The compact size maximizes strength and allows a gate opening wide enough to fit over most litter rails. On the screw-lock models, the nut locks against the gate to prevent jamming. Gate Opening: 1.1 in. (28mm)
Interior Length: 3.95 in. (100mm)

Every Carabiner is Proof Tested.

Item Product U/M Gate Type Finish NFPA 3 Sigma MBS Weight
300115 Carabiner, Steel, Screw-Lock, Black, CMC Rescue Ea Screw-lock Black General Use 16,186 lbf (72kN) 10 oz (283g)
300110 Carabiner, Locking D, Screw-lock, CE, Steel, CMC Ea Screw-lock Gold General Use 16,186 lbf (72kN) 10 oz (283g)

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