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Packed with more power and versatility than the original, smaller Polilight-Flare, the new Polilight-Flare Plus, is the most powerful hand-held integrated battery operated LED light-source available on the market. The Polilight-Flare Plus is brighter than any other hand-held battery system. The white light head gives an incredible 1,680 lumens output, equivalent to a 350-Watt lamp. It produces 1 lux at 450m (1,480ft), and allows signaling up to 22 km (14 miles) in clear weather. The beam is collimated with a 5° divergence, giving a superbly even light spot. In addition, a range of beam profile filters is available which can be clipped onto the front of the Flare Plus head to create a wider divergence or a strip of light ideal for oblique lighting of shoeprints and other evidence.
  • Powerful Output - Most powerful optical output
  • Waterproof - Submersible to 100m (330ft.)
  • Versatile - Interchangeable Heads
  • Interchangeable Battery Connection - Heads can be either directly attached or remote
  • Brightest UV and Purple Output - 2,450mW/365nm, 6,500mW/415nm optical output
  • Long Continuous Maximum Output - 100-140 minutes at full power
Other features include built-in intensity control, strobing and taillight options. The strobe effect can be used to increase the contrast between background and evidence in some forensic applications, and produces light equivalent to a 500-Watt lamp.

Versatility: Multiple heads, with 8 different wavebands, can be interchanged within seconds, either directly onto the battery or onto a remote cable. Using the remote cable, the light source head is lightweight (a mere 220 grams). The battery can clip onto a belt for easier use and more even weight distribution. Utilizing the optional wristband, the light head can be fitted to an arm, shoulder or headgear to allow for completely hands-free operation at the scene of crime.

Long-Lasting Power: The Polilight-Flare Plus has amazingly long bulb life (if the Polilight-Flare Plus were used for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, the light source would still be working after 25 years). It utilizes lithium-ion batteries, providing long life in a compact enclosure and ensuring there are no memory effects. Each battery lasts a remarkable 100-140 minutes at full continuous power, or 480 minutes at 35% power and is rated with a battery life of 10 years.

Like No Other Hand-Held Led Device: The LEDs used in Polilight-Flare Plus are fabricated to Rofin’s specification. The UV head produces an unmatched 2,450mW optical light and the 415nm head produces 6,500mW.

Durability Beyond Compare: The Polilight-Flare Plus housing is anodized Aerospace grade aluminum with thermoplastic rubber grip. The unit is watertight and submersible up to 100m (330ft).

Weight: Head and Battery (less than 8 oz.)
Head diameter 61 mm (2.4”)
Body diameter 46 mm (1.8”)
Head length 90 mm (3.5”)
Battery length 180 mm (7.2”)
Overall length 240 mm (9.4”)

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Light output:
White = 1,680 Lumens WR output
UV = 2,450mW; 415nm = 6,500mW

Continuous operation:
100-140 minutes @ 100% output
240 minutes @ 70% output
480 minutes @ 35% output

Charging Kit: Includes Mains and cigarette lighter plugs and your choice of smart charger or indicating mountable charger.
Waterproof: Submersible to 100m (330ft). Salt water resistant
Beam Profile: 5 degrees
Beam profile filters: 5, 20, 50 and 60 degrees (spot), 90° x 1°, 60° x 1° and 40° x 0.2° degrees
Housing: Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum coated in thermoplastic rubber for grip
Strobe effect: 500-Watt
Usable light: 1 lux at 450m (1,480ft)
Signalling Distance: 22 km (14 miles) in clear weather       

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