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What is a Porta-CAFS?

The unit itself is very simple. A very important tick in the box to start.

Essentially, a lightweight fan driven by a small petrol engine. The fan forces high volumes of air (650 CFM) via a short flexible tube to a one-metre lightweight stainless steel pipe. At the beginning of the pipe is a valve and hose connection to control the flow of pre-mixed water foam solution. Following the valve is a stainless steel deflector containing an interchangeable nozzle. The whole unit is supported on a well-designed back harness with adjustable shoulder and chest straps. The Porta-CAFS’s lightweight construction weighs no more than 14 kilos and allows the unit to be brought into operation very quickly.

How does a Porta-CAFS work?

The fan delivers the air, up to 650 cubic feet per minute at maximum engine revs. An engine throttle situated on the end of an extended arm controls the speed of the fan. The arm also has an engine stop next to the throttle. The premixed water and foam (operating between six and forty bar) is then injected through the nozzle via the control valve where it is deflected into the air stream, creating vast quantities of expanded foam. The control valve is very important as its position determines the type and quality of foam produced. Using less foam solution will produce a drier foam, extending the drainage time dramatically. With the valve fully open, the foam produced is extremely dense with incredible adhesion properties, ideal for use on vertical or curved structures. Once again, due to the high volumes of air entrained into the foam solution, the drainage time is very slow. The most prominent feature when using Porta-CAFS, is the considerable reduction in water usage, whilst delivering large volumes of finished foam. Medium expansion foam concentrates provide a higher quality of finished foam. If the medium expansion foam is a fluoro-surfactant free product, then this conjunction with the low water volumes required, is certainly environmentally advantageous.

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