Protect the City Together


The New Delsar USAR Kit combines the Delsar Life Detector Six Sensor System and the Delsar Victim Simulator, together in one ready to deploy case.

The DVS-100 (Delsar Victim Simulator) is an excellent training tool for victim search and rescue, but also doubles as a valubale calibration unit for the Delsar's Seisimc Sensors for use on different surface materials.

Used by FEMA, UKSAR, USAR, SUSAR and rescue teams from around the world, the Delsar USAR Kit is a seismic/acoustic listening device used to detect and locate live victims trapped in:

Collapsed structures caused by earthquakes
Mine disasters or cave-ins

The Delsar USAR Kit converts the entire collapsed structure into a large sensitive microphone that transmits noises from entombed victims. The seismic and acoustic sensors convert vibrations created by the live victim into audible and visual signals. The Delsar is rugged, reliable and able to withstand days of continuous use at the disaster site.

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